Monday, December 19, 2011

Back to black

feelings is how music sounds like

when Sadness stroke my world again.

Laura Adel Johnson.

Fashion. My Therapy

Vogue fashion

Vogue fashion

Vogue fashion

Details of the Collection - CHANEL Paris- Bombay 2012

Florian Dovillez
Hair Hat Stylist

Frida Kahlo

I met Nick Veasey, in London at the Mayfair. Veasey is a British photographer, working primarily with images created from X-ray imaging. at first i was shocked, he made me think how fragile our life are. and all about the layres we put in order to protect ourselves, trying to hide our bases.

“Most of the images that bombard us all are aspirational. I want to be sexy, cool, thin, younger… My work is real. X-Ray is an honest process. It shows things for what they are, what they are made of. I love that. It balances all that glossy, superficial bollocks. I’m real and straightforward. And so is my work.
I’m not that interested in using x-ray to shock, as too much art tries too hard to bludgeon a message home. Shock and gore is easy with x-ray. I like to create intrigue and beauty.”
- Nick Veasey

For Yosef


B&B Berlin
Shop the pain a way

B&B Berlin

B&B Berlin

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  1. could be a little twist if teddy bear had a skeleton too...

  2. Wow! So many flowers!
    The flower market looks like such a bright place to be :D