Sunday, March 18, 2012

It Bows My Mind

with my new collection, It seams i did my research on Bows...






to tattoo or not to-tat-too...



Saturday, January 14, 2012

In A FlorAL MooD

When My Friend Anna introduced me to Lana Del Ray, it was immediately LOVE!, she is addicting!.And even with all the Botox in the world , it dosn't metter what others says. She is Beautiful like the music she makes .

* I never heard about the flower markets in London until one Sunday, (As i remember ...we had a clear weather but cold...),  My friends and I went on an adventure trip to Columbia Road Flower Market in Hackney in hope to get some inspiration. I can't forget this place, The colors, The people all mixed up together and than it wasn't so cold in London again.

 spring 2013 here i come!

Print Flowers ARE always around us 

& on a personal note-

This Floral post is dedicated to all the flowers in my life.
the friends that keep making me smile ,whit those moments when the time stops *).
This is LOVE!
Thank you, it was an amazing birthday! (555...)