Saturday, January 14, 2012

In A FlorAL MooD

When My Friend Anna introduced me to Lana Del Ray, it was immediately LOVE!, she is addicting!.And even with all the Botox in the world , it dosn't metter what others says. She is Beautiful like the music she makes .

* I never heard about the flower markets in London until one Sunday, (As i remember ...we had a clear weather but cold...),  My friends and I went on an adventure trip to Columbia Road Flower Market in Hackney in hope to get some inspiration. I can't forget this place, The colors, The people all mixed up together and than it wasn't so cold in London again.

 spring 2013 here i come!

Print Flowers ARE always around us 

& on a personal note-

This Floral post is dedicated to all the flowers in my life.
the friends that keep making me smile ,whit those moments when the time stops *).
This is LOVE!
Thank you, it was an amazing birthday! (555...)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Love is in The Hair

It pays to show off your animal love, especially when you let it shout from the top of your head. These animal hair hats were created by the late Japanese artist Nagi Noda,

I Love SuShi

 & On A personal Note

For My BFF